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MuRefuge Update 1.0!

Dear players,

To update game client run MuRefuge Launcher (Play MuRefuge.exe) and click "Start"button. If you can't upgrade game client with Launcher, please, download and extract this Patcher manually.


Added Illusion Knight Apocalypse Set and Brilliant Blade
Extended /eventinfo Command by additional events info
Added Cash Shop inventory search option
Fixed In-game Helper improperly managed use of potions for non-master class characters
Fixed Boss Battle Together notification icon did not appear
Fixed Duration info did not appear on selected buff icons at the top of game scene
Fixed Character could get unlinked from account upon performing specific sequence of actions related to character delete/re-order
Fixed Inability to go to server select screen from character select screen when using specific sequence of actions
Fixed Reconnect system stopped to work as result of recent changes to resolve other connection issues
Fixed Inability to enter Imperial Guardian event after being killed by event monster
Fixed HP recovery with use of specific healing potions did not work over regular HP (ignored HP added by buffs or items)
Fixed Game client crash when using mouse scroll-wheel
Fixed Game client crash when killing EvoMon
Fixed Screenshots do not save in Screenshots folder
Fixed Gates do not appear at specific stage/day of Imperial Guardian event
Fixed Boss Battle entry warps to Varka entrance
Fixed /eventinfo command result shows inaccurate timing for selected events
Added Vote Reward system, you can vote from your account panel on website
Top 10 Voters will receive extra WCoins every week automatically

Stay tuned,
MuRefuge Team!