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MuRefuge x50 No Reset Opening 19 October!

Welcome to MuRefuge Season 18 Part 2-2!

Server x50 Non Reset will be opened on 19 October 18:00

Opening times:
17:00 UTC +1 (Poland)
18:00 UTC +2 (Romania)
23:00 UTC +7 (Vietnam)
23:00 UTC +7 (Philippines)
13:00 UTC -3 (Argentina)


Starter Gifts:
- Skeleton Pet (3 Days)
- Skeleton Ring (3 Days)
- Buff Scrolls (3 Days)
Send /buffme command in game to receive that gifts

This server is based as low-rate experience, medium-rate economy and drops from monsters and bosses. Events and Invasions are every hour. Monsters is adjusted. We have not Web Shop, just simple in-game Cash Shop, where you can buy Exp Seals, Scrolls, Pets, Mix Items. Weapons, Armory, Wings and Pentagrams can not be bought, so you can acquire them only by playing.

General Information:
Server Version: Season 18 Part 2-2
Experience: 50x
Master Experience: 50x
Majestic Experience: 50x
Drop: 50%
Max Level: 400
Max Master Level: 1150
Points per Level: 75 / 78
Max Stats: 32000
Max Connections per Computer: 5
Offtrade Currency: WCoins

Season 18 Part 2-2 New Features:
Character Renewal, introducing Combat power to Knight, Magic Gladiator, Rage Fighter and Slayer classes
New Guardian: Ur and Ur (Rare)
6th mastery Earrings: Binding
New Bloody Tarkan map and Bloody Tarkan monsters
New grade of Muuns: Tempest
Renewed Wings Chaos Mix interface
Renewed Wings Combinations

Common Game Commands:
/post: Send a global message
/antilag: Displays command help information for antilag system
/offlevel: Leave character on offline leveling
/offtrade: Toggle offtrade function
/addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd: Add free level up points
/decstr, /decagi, /decvit, /decene, /deccmd: Decrease points from added to free
/remaintime: Check your current VIP level
/regicewind: Register to Ice Wind Valley Event
/store: Opens Store (NPC) everywhere you want
/ware: Opens Warehouse(Vault) everywhere you want
/eventinfo: Shows common event timer
/evo: Perform Character Evolution Quest

Common Chaos Machine Rates:
Item Lvl +10 Mix: 100%
Item Lvl +11 Mix: 100%
Item Lvl +12 Mix: 90%
Item Lvl +13 Mix: 80%
Item Lvl +14 Mix: 70%
Item Lvl +15 Mix: 60%

Wings Lvl 1 Rate: 100%
Wings Lvl 2 Rate: 90%
Wings Lvl 2.5 Rate: 60%
Wings Lvl 3 Rate: 40%
Wings Lvl 4 Rate: 40%